Inter-Club Hill Half Marathon 2022 Result

Inter-Club Hill Half Marathon 2022 Result

Male CategoryFemale Category
S. NoBib NoTimeNameClub/TeamPositionBib NoTimeNameClub/TeamPosition
11001-hour 31-minutesIsrar KhattakIslamabad Running Club1st1802-hours 19-minutesEnub KhanIslamabad Running Club1st
21301-hour 42-minutesMubariz BukhariIslamabad Running Club2nd3902-hours 31-minutesNafeesa AndrabiMargalla Trail Runners2nd
33401-hour 42-minutesTayyeb GoharIslamabad Running Club3rd2603-hours 16-minutesIrrum IshaqIslamabad Running Club3rd
44601-hour 43-minutesUsman KhanMargalla Trail Runners7803-hours 25-minutesAyesha AmjadKhalid Jatt Fitness Club
53301-hour 49-minutesWahid MalikIslamabad Running Club12203-hours 27-minutesPicha PalaritIndividual
65401-hour 53-minutesAthar AkhtarMargalla Trail Runners2103-hours 40-minutesUrooj IqbalIslamabad Running Club
77301-hour 53-minutesWaqar KhanKhalid Jatt Fitness Club
86101-hour 53-minutesJehangir ChaudharyIslamabad Run with Us
91701-hour 55-minutesNauman IqbalIslamabad Running Club
10201-hour 57-minutesAtifRun2impact
115001-hour 57-minutesHassan AliMargalla Trail Runners
125601-hour 58-minutesJaved AliMargalla Trail Runners
135501-hour 58-minutesMuhammad Saleem KhanMargalla Trail Runners
144702-hours 00-minutesMuhammad YousafMargalla Trail Runners
157402-hours 00-minutesKhurrum ShehzadKhalid Jatt Fitness Club
1612602-hours 01-minuteM Talha RazaKarachi Striders
17802-hours 01-minuteBilal EhsanIslamabad Running Club
181202-hours 02-minutesSher ShahIslamabad Running Club
19102-hours 02-minutesFahd MukhtarRun2impact
20402-hours 03-minutesShehraz KhanRun2impact
214302-hours 04-minutesSaleem KhanMargalla Trail Runners
224502-hours 05-minutesMuhammad ZainMargalla Trail Runners
232002-hours 06-minutesFida MuhammadIslamabad Running Club
242502-hours 06-minutesAamir AmjadIslamabad Running Club
25502-hours 06-minutesAhad ZarrarRun2impact
261902-hours 07-minutesAhmed AzmatIslamabad Running Club
272302-hours 08-minutesKamran YousafIslamabad Running Club
285702-hours 09-minutesKhalique BurkiMargalla Trail Runners
294202-hours 11-minutesSultan KhattakMargalla Trail Runners
30302-hours 11-minutesHassan TajdarRun2impact
314902-hours 12-minutesFaisal ZafarMargalla Trail Runners
324802-hours 15-minutesWaqas SheikhMargalla Trail Runners
337202-hours 15-minutesBadal GondalKhalid Jatt Fitness Club
341102-hours 16-minutesHaider AliIslamabad Running Club
354102-hours 17-minutesAltaf HussainMargalla Trail Runners
362802-hours 18-minutesIslamabad Running Club
3713502-hours 18-minutesRaja UsmanKhalid Jatt Fitness Club
384402-hours 21-minutesSohaib FarooqMargalla Trail Runners
3913302-hours 22-minutesM Imran SialKhalid Jatt Fitness Club
406702-hours 22-minutesShahid ShahIslamabad Run with Us
413002-hours 22-minutesShahid SultanIslamabad Running Club
4212702-hours 22-minutesNUML
4313602-hours 25-minutesRizwan BabarUltra-Runners
446502-hours 25-minutesAdnan ZamaniIslamabad Run with Us
454002-hours 27-minutesHarris SheikhMargalla Trail Runners
462402-hours 27-minutesRehman AzharIslamabad Running Club
471402-hours 27-minutesFurqan MasoodIslamabad Running Club
488002-hours 29-minutesKhalid JattKhalid Jatt Fitness Club
495902-hours 31-minutesFahad UsmanFalcon Triathlon Club
5012502-hours 33-minutesJunaidNUML
511602-hours 34-minutesAwais MalikIslamabad Running Club
523602-hours 35-minutesAli Aman ShahMargalla Trail Runners
536802-hours 35-minutesBilal RazakIslamabad Run with Us
54902-hours 36-minutesCh Wasim AbbasIslamabad Running Club
5513202-hours 36-minutesEricKhalid Jatt Fitness Club
567602-hours 39-minutesNoshairwan AshiqKhalid Jatt Fitness Club
573702-hours 39-minutesSajid MehmoodMargalla Trail Runners
587702-hours 39-minutesSubhan AshiqKhalid Jatt Fitness Club
5913002-hours 41-minutesWaleedKhalid Jatt Fitness Club
60602-hours 43-minutesMurtaza ZaidiIslamabad Running Club
6113102-hours 43-minutes
62702-hours 43-minutesAqib AbbasiIslamabad Running Club
6312802-hours 44-minutes
646602-hours 44-minutesBilal HameedIslamabad Run with Us
655102-hours 45-minutesShahum MalikMargalla Trail Runners
665302-hours 45-minutesMargalla Trail Runners
6713802-hours 46-minutesNUML
686902-hours 47-minutesNavair Sultan AwanIslamabad Run with Us
692202-hours 52-minutesAffan BaigIslamabad Running Club
7013702-hours 52-minutesStephen JohnsonVermont Born
7110902-hours 57-minutesAsadullahIndividual
7214202-hours 59-minutesMudassirNUML
736203-hours 02-minutesSardar Raees AhmedIslamabad Run with Us
7412903-hours 02-minutes
757103-hours 02-minutesAqeel BhattiKhalid Jatt Fitness Club
766003-hours 05-minutesAmir AminFalcon Triathlon Club
776403-hours 07-minutesM Bin MasoodIslamabad Run with Us
7812403-hours 10-minutes
7912103-hours 10-minutes
8014103-hours 10-minutes
8112303-hours 11-minutesNoppadolIndividual
827003-hours 13-minutesRohailIslamabad Run with Us
835203-hours 18-minutesAdeel JunejoMargalla Trail Runners
841503-hours 18-minutesM Yousaf KhanIslamabad Running Club
857503-hours 25-minutesRozain SarfrazKhalid Jatt Fitness Club
8613403-hours 33-minutesLal HussainKhalid Jatt Fitness Club
873803-hours 40-minutesNicholas BerryMargalla Trail Runners

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