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Munro Track (1900 – 1905) is a 66 KM long old, British Era route traversing different valleys, forests & ridges of mountains of Mansehra District (KPK) in Pakistan. KPK Government of Pakistan announced to revive this track for the purpose of hiking, trekking & camping and established ‘Tourist Villages’ along the route. The track starts and ends at old British-era forest rest houses, from Kund Bangla and Kamal Ban Rest House. The track starts from Kundu Bangla from the top of the mountains at an altitude of 2250m.


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The Munro Track passes from the beautiful ridge of the mountains connecting two valleys, Siren and Kaghan, Galis/Passes, Nadi Bangla, Naga Forest, Sharran Forest, Manshi Top, and Kamal Ban Forest.