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Kaghan Valley


Kaghan Valley is home of alpine & glacial trails and lakes.  Kaghan Valley is the biggest valley and located in Mansera District of KPK Province of Pakistan. The Valley is so so beautiful and full of with alpine trails, glacial lakes, 4000r Peaks and Passes. If you want to run/hike on the lush green alpine trails and visit glacial lake then Kaghan Valley is the best option explore the all. The famous Babusar Pass is at altitude of 4000m which connects to Gilgit Baltistan. 

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The famous Trails: Munro Track, Naga Forest, Sharran Forest, Kamal Ban Forest, Manshi Top, Shogran, Siri Paye, Makra Peak, Mahandri Trails, Glacial Lakes: Saif ul Malook, Anso, Lulusar Sat Sar Mala, Sambaksar, Dharamsar, Dudipatsar, Saral and hundresds of unknown lakes in the sub-valleys. The Glacial lakes leads to the trails and trails named same with lakes and mostly connecting to the all mentioned glacial lakes.