Trails around Tilla Chourani Top and Pharilla Track

Event Date:

June 23, 2024

Event Time:

5:00 am

Event Location:

Isloo Grill Pir Sohawa

The humid season is coming. But on top of the Margalla Hills, the weather remains misty, cloudy, and windy. So, we have planned to run at a higher altitude to train for Galiyat Mountain Trail Race 2024. Margalla Trail Runners are running on new trails, trails around Tilla Chourani Top and Pharilla rest-house. This event will cover multiple trails in one go. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to run on the so beautiful trails in one go.

Trail Run Details:
SUNDAY on 23rd June 2024
Meeting Time: 05:20 am at Isloo Grill Restaurant, Pir Sohawa
Run Starting Time: 05:30 am
Level: Intermediate to Difficult
Duration: 4 hours
Terrain: Trail
Distance: 22km
Ascent: 800 meters.
Shoes: Trail or Multi-terrain shoes
Hydration, and Food: Running vest or trail running 5 to 10-liter bag, water, and snacks (dates, chocolates, etc.)

Isloo Grill Restaurant, Pir Sohawa > Lohee Dandi/Tilla Chourani Trail > Tilla Chourani Trail >Below Tilla Chourani Trail > Pharilla Track > Pharilla Rest-house >Margalla Ridge Trail > Back to Pharilla Rest-house> Pharilla Track >Dino Valley > Isloo Grill Restaurant, Pir Sohawa

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Event FAQs

Margalla Trail Runners Event Disclaimer

MTR long-distance hill/trail runs are open to everyone and anyone can join the running event. But make sure you're fit enough to run on hills continuously for at least three or two hours at a good pace. For those who want to join and participate in the event, the sole purpose is to run and to become a strong long-distance hill/mountain/trail runner. Participation in the event is at the athlete’s discretion, therefore the MTR club is not responsible for the participants' actions. MTR is a non-registered body and cannot be held liable for anything including but not limited to any loss, theft, damage, or injury to property or persons whether arising in contract, negligence, equity, or otherwise. Additionally, all athletes should use due care under the circumstances to comply with all rules, regulations, statutes, and laws of Pakistan. Your decision to voluntarily partake in the run signifies your acknowledgment of the disclaimer and that you shall not bring any legal action against organizers of any claim.

  • Isloo Grill Pir Sohawa
  • Islamabad
  • Pakistan

Event Schedule Details

  • June 23, 2024 5:00 am   -   11:00 am
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