2nd Recce of Galiyat Mountain Trail Race 2024 (Thandiyani to Nathia Gali)

Event Date:

June 9, 2024

Event Time:

3:00 am

Event Location:

Thandiyani Top

The basic objective of the Trails of Galiyat Run is to familiarize the route of the Galiyat Mountain Trail 60k & 20k Races. MTR is organizing a recce of the race in two portions. This one is the 2nd recce Thandiyani to Nathia Gali and will be on Sunday 9th of June 2024. If you are interested to participate in the race then must join in the recce events and test your endurance run at a high altitude before attempting the UTMB Index 60k and 20k races.

Galiyat Mountain Trail is the most beautiful, and scenic, and one of the best routes for trail and hill running. Trails of Galiyat are located in Galiyat, Abbottabad District of KPK, Pakistan. Trails of Galiyat are part of the Galiyat Mountain Trail 60k & 20k Race by UTMB Index. It is a sequence of multiple trails of Galiyat, and trails are linked/connected to one another and start from Thandiyni and finish at Khaira Gali or vice versa.

It covers more than half of the route of the 60k race. Before going to attempt UTMB Index 60k and 20k race (on 21st July 2024). Please go through the Margalla Trail Runners’ website and social media accounts for the race details.

Race Details: Galiyat Mountain Trail

Trail Run Details:
SUNDAY on 9th June 2024
Meeting Place: PSO Gas Station, near Kalssom Metro Station, Beverly Centre, F-6/1 Islamabad
Meeting Time: 03:00 am
Running Start Time: 06:30 am
Terrain: Trail
Distance: 36km
Ascent: 1500 meters
Time Duration: 6 to 8 hours
Level: Advanced and Difficult
Shoes: Trail or Multi-terrain Shoes.
Hydration & Food: 1 to 2 water, Dates, Chocolates, Bananas, ORS, etc.
Gears: Trail running vest or 5 to 10 litter running bag, Rain Jacket, extra Socks, full sleeve shirt, Sunglasses, hat/cap.
Route: Thandiyani Top → Thandiyani Top to Berin Gali Trek → Berin Gali → Berin Gali to Dagri Banglow Trek→ Kunna Meadows → Kunna Meadows to Miranjani Top trek → Miranjani Top → Miranjani base.

Strava Route’

Garmin Route


The event is NOT for walk pacers/beginners. Kindly must go through the details and FAQs before signing up for the event. 

Event FAQs

Compulsory Running Gear for 2nd Recce Participants

Running bag/pack to carry obligatory equipment throughout the event
Headlamp/head torch.
Mobile/cell phone (organization’s security number saved), keep the phone turned on and make sure the phone is fully charged at the start of the race.
Personal cup/beaker 15cl minimum in addition to bottles or flasks.
Bottles, flasks, or water bladder that holds a minimum of 1 liter of liquid.
Self-adhesive elasticated bandage which can serve as a bandage or strapping
Food reserve - Recommendation: 800kcal (2 gels + 2 energising bars each of 65g)
Jacket with a hood that will withstand bad weather in the mountains and made with a waterproof and breathable membrane.
It is the runner's responsibility to judge if their jacket is both wind- and waterproof.
Hat/Cap or bandana
It can be a windproof jacket, but it does not replace the obligatory waterproof jacket and vice versa.
Extra clothes, socks, full sleeve or T-shirt, sunglasses
Participants must carry their CNIC/Passport.
Event Disclaimer

§ Margalla Trail Runners (MTR) is a trail running club based in Islamabad, Pakistan. The club's objective is to promote hill, trail & mountain running in Pakistan. § MTR hill/trail running events are open to everyone and anyone can join events. § Make sure you're fit enough to run on flat terrain or hills/mountains/trails continuously for at least 3 to 4 hours and long for trail runs at an easy good pace. For those who want to join and will participate in the eve the sole purpose is to run and to become a strong long-distance hill/mountain/trail runner.

§ Participation in the event is at the athlete’s discretion; therefore, the MTR Club is not responsible for the participants' actions.

§ I understand that competing in this event may involve running and walking on wilderness trails with rocks, roots, stream crossings, and up and down steep terrain. The hazards may include but are not limited to; challenging terrain, rocks, roots, adjacent streams, rivers, motor vehicle traffic, slippery surfaces, loose rocks, soft sand, weather conditions, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, actions of spectators, other competitors, general public and the event organizers personnel.

§I authorize the medical service appointed by the organization of the event to intervene on the child if the need arises during the event, following the procedures deemed medically advisable and acting to treat or alleviate the damage suffered.

§I grant permission to all of the foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of this for any legitimate purpose.

§ I agree to comply with the rules and directions of event officials and their personnel. § I acknowledge and accept that hill/trail running carries an inherent risk of injury, illness, and in extreme cases, death.

§ MTR is a non-registered body and cannot be held liable for anything including but not limited to any loss, theft, damage, or injury to property or persons whether arising in contract, negligence, equity, or otherwise.

§ Additionally, all athletes should use due care under the circumstances to comply with all rules, regulations, statutes, and laws of Pakistan.

§ Your decision to voluntarily partake in the event/race signifies your acknowledgment of the disclaimer and that you shall not bring any legal action against organizers of the events for any claim.

I have read and understand the information regarding this event and understand that I participate in this event at my own risk.

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  • Thandiyani Top
  • Abbottabad
  • Pakistan

Event Schedule Details

  • June 9, 2024 3:00 am   -   8:00 pm
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